Cheung’s Meridian Therapy Special Offer


This effective massage cream and massage oil is made in Australia and uses an ancient formula of Chinese herbs that has been passed down through generations of kung fu practitioners as part of their healing traditions.

For the relief of:
Sprains and bruises, arthritis, back pain, rheumatism, tennis elbow, stiff neck, fibrositis, knee and ankle injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome.

The book “Cheung’s Meridian Therapy” was written by Grandmaster William Cheung, Doctor of Chinese Medicine.
It covers –

  • the meridians
  • chi circulation
  • basic Chinese Medicine
  • Yin, Yang and the five elements
  • healing programs for common ailments, and more
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1 x 100ml bottle of Cheung’s Herbal Relief Massage Oil
1 x 100g jar of Cheung’s Herbal Relief Cream
1 x book “Cheung’s Meridian Therapy” by Grandmaster William Cheung


Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 37 × 27 × 20 cm


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