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Iso Chi - The Art of Life Volume 2
DVD by Grandmaster William Cheung
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ISO CHI, created by Dr. William Cheung, is the most effective exercise routine ever developed.

ISO CHI combines ancient Chinese Chi Kung techniques with modern Western Isometric exercises to form the most effective and risk-free workout program available today - and it’s easy and results are guaranteed!

Benefits of ISO CHI:

• Erases pain in neck, shoulder, knee, lower back, arthritis, joint pain
• Relieves migraine headaches, sinus conditions
• Alleviates spinal problems
• Corrects weight problems:
• Restores kidney or Liver dysfunction
• Improves heart problems dramatically
• Reduces and even eliminates anxiety or depression
• Helps manage diabetes
• Prevents gall or kidney stones
• Reduces the severity of allergies
• Fights fatigue, lack of energy and exhaustion from lack of sleep and jet lag
• Powerful anti-aging benefits

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