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Wing Chun is the most scientific  fighting system in the world.  This was demonstrated by Bruce Lee who, after completing three years of training in Wing Chun in Hong Kong, went to America, and using Wing Chun fighting techniques, defeated champions, and masters including Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis and Mike Stone.  Dan Inosanto became his student.


One of the many Champions currently in our Wing Chun system is a light-heavyweight WBC World Champion who trained under Master Keith Mazza in the US.  He annihilated his opponents using Wing Chun BOEC system:  controlling the blind side by controlling the elbow, plus by using special eye exercises. 


Si-Fu Peter Guy, a successful Wing Chun Instructor from Western Australia, completed our entire Correspondence Course in 3 years, just using the material provided.  Now Si-Fu Peter runs several successful Wing Chun schools in Western Australia.  


Upon enrolment in this course,  you will receive the instructional DVDs as well as hard copy materials.  You work at your own pace, and may feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


This Certified course is geared to train practitioners towards being assistant instructors and instructors in our system of Wing Chun.  All Gradings will be conducted by Grandmaster Cheung by video, and a certificate will be issued to successful candidates.


NOTE:  Levels purchased must begin with Level 1 unless you are:

- already a Member of The World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and have graded prior levels; or

- are already in the Correspondence Course program and have completed prior levels to the one(s) you wish to purchase.

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Hello, I was wondering what the difference was between these correspondence courses and the video courses offered here: I assume both these sets of courses are designed for solitary practice, but how does that work when training chi sao when a partner is usually needed? Regards, Joshua Vong

Hello Joshua, the correspondence courses are provided through the . Hence at a certain level you will need to get someone to assist you with some of the techniques including chi sao. But we are now restructuring the correspondence courses where you will have to get to a school for the grading. Where about are you located? Regards, Cheung`s Wing Chun Kung Fu Admin

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