PRO-TEKT is a Personal Protection Program which adopts a multiple strategy to fight violence and crime.

The program consists of:

1. Awareness and Prevention

  • in the home
  • with the car
  • on the street
  • be a better witness
  • in a public place
  • being prepared
  • on public transport

2. Psychological Profile of the Attacker

    Identify the profile of the attacker so that you can deal with him effectively.

3. Assistance to the Victim

    8 point check list * trauma assistance

4. Stun & Run

  • FBI evidence that supports Stun and Run
  • 3 types of resistance (passive; verbal; physical)

5. Preparation

  • methods of approach
  • mental (crisis rehearsal)
  • physical (visualization and drills)

6. Crisis Rehearsal

  • Pressure point targets
  • Stun & Run application

7. Stress Management & Motivation

PRO-TEKT is based on Wing Chun Kung Fu - the world's only Martial Art created by a woman for women and men.

The effectiveness of this martial art lies in its ability to transcend all limitations and barriers (i.e. age, gender, size, strength, abilities and disabilities). The PRO-TEKT techniques provide the practitioner with a streamlined no-nonsense method of protection based on economy of motion and proper body mechanics.

PRO-TEKT teaches Personal Protection.  It is not a course on fighting techniques, but is a program that teaches you how to avoid becoming a victim of violence.  Nevertheless, if you have to physically deal with an attacker you will learn to use Stun & Run and the proven philosophy behind every PRO-TEKT : Personal Protection Program.  This program has been enjoying over 10 years success in many countries overseas.

PRO-TEKT will guarantee:

  • Instant results;
  • There are no age or fitness barriers;
  • Improve your confidence and feel good;
  • Improve your motivation;
  • As you are being taught personally by Grandmaster Cheung, this seminar will be an enjoyable experience;
  • Become competent in applying the most simple and effective strategies to deal with potential attacks;
  • Peace of mind, safety on the streets and security in the home.


William Cheung was the person responsible for introducing Bruce Lee to Wing Chun Kung Fu and helped with his training and development of the art. In fact, according to Bruce, Cheung was regarded as the ultimate fighter. From its originator, the nun, Ng Mui, Cheung became the 8th direct Grandmaster, upon the death of his master, the illustrious Yip Man.

Grandmaster William Cheung is regarded as the most proficient teacher of self defence in the world. He is the leading expert in pressure points and the sole inheritor of a unique system of self defence - Wing Chun. Developed by a woman in China 300 years ago, Wing Chun does not rely on brute force or strength. It concentrates on the natural abilities of the body such as bio-mechanics and co-ordination.

Cheung has over 25 years' teaching experience. In the early 80s he was appointed Chief Instructor for mental development and unarmed combat to the U.S. Marines of the Seventh Fleet. As a self-defence instructor he has been presented with numerous coveted awards: 1983 Black Belt Hall of Fame and 1992 Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame Award, 1995 Blitz Hall of Fame Award and 1999 Blitz Lifetime Tribute Award. He is the author of more than ten books. Cheung is also frequently featured on many magazine cover stories worldwide. His Association has over 80 affiliated schools around the world.

In the last ten years, Cheung has devoted much of his time to the development and teaching of the personal protection program - PRO-TEKT.


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