CMT Testimonials

Jimmy, Los Angeles, USA:
"...I had been having trouble sleeping ... At Grandmaster Cheung's seminar he asked me to lie down ... told me there was no magic involved. He asked me to close my eyes and I don't remember anything after that until Si-Fu Joe woke me up. I woke up and felt absolutely fantastic!..."

Christine, Long Island, USA:
"I have been experiencing disc problems in my lower back for ten years and have been in agony. I have scoliosis, curvature of the spine, and had a spinal fusion. Recently I had rods removed from my spine. I have disk damage and I have two vertebrae out of alignment. My surgeon was ready to do surgery on me again and I said no. Today for the first time, Grandmaster Cheung performed Cheung's Meridian Therapy on me and I've never felt better! My whole back feels like it has opened up - it's warm. The whole area in my hip that was tight feels great. It feels loose like I have the circulation back. I've never felt like this!"

Brae Tower, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA:
"I'm learning how to meditate and control my chronic back pain. Now it feels very relieved, and I'm doing CMT stretching exercises that are working very well."

Dr Nancy Westburn, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA:
"I suffer from migraine headaches and I had a chronic back problem. My back was injured when I was in my 20s. It flared up and has been chronic for the last four months. Tonight I had some pain in my back and tightness. Now the pain has gone and the tightness almost all gone. I've learned CMT exercises for migraine headaches and meditation. I came here with one starting, and now my head feels clear!"

Mark Scotti, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA (Wing Chun Kung Fu student under Master Keith Mazza):
"I visited the CMT clinic in Philadelphia. I had been suffering chronic spinal pain due to scholiosis, arthritis, and soft tissue damage in my neck. The herbal cream helped with soreness and meridian therapy helped me feel energized as is if I had 'runner's high'. Meridian stretching also helped keep my spine from feeling fatigued. I now only have to go to my chiropractor once in a while for maintenance. I am swimming at full capacity, playing roller hockey, soccer, surfing, and also able to train harder in kung fu. Pretty soon, I'll be able to spar with greater intensity. Right now, my sparring is limited to light contact chi-sao sparring. Eventually, I want to spar at the normal level of intensity. In addition, I fell playing hockey recently and hurt my hand. I applied the Iron Palm cream daily, and the swelling in my wrist subsided and I'm able to throw a full punch again. From my experience with CMT, I am more motivated to learn about the meridians, do more chi gung for internal health, and train harder in every sport I do. I'm also thinking about eventually doing Iron Palm training. Thank you Grandmaster Cheung for helping me with my ailments."

Evelyn Grist, New Jersey, USA:
For the first time, an RSDS sufferer has responded to treatment. This treatment is Grandmaster Cheung's Meridian Therapy. Over the past two and a half years before she met Grandmaster Cheung, Evelyn Grist had seen 14 specialists and endured 8 operations, without success. After only three and a half of her six weeks as a live-in patient with Grandmaster Cheung, Evelyn is, in her own words, 70% better.

Tony Sun, St Ives, NSW, Australia:
"I think Grandmaster Cheung is providing a great service to the community by disclosing the secret of the Meridian Treatment to the world."

Florence Sun, St Ives, NSW, Australia:
"Since I had my first child 14 years ago, I have been having back problems. I get back pain every now and then. Sometimes it is triggered by just a cough or sneeze or just picking up a tennis ball. In the last two years, the pains come on more frequently and each episode is worse than the one before. At the beginning of 1999 I hurt my back twice within a few weeks. My back was hurting so much that I could not stand or sit for more than a few minutes. I had to lie down flat on my back. I could not stand straight at all and I was getting constant pins-and-needles down my left foot.

After just one visit to Grandmaster Cheung, I was able to stand up a lot straighter, and with less pins-and-needles. Grandmaster Cheung gave me some exercises to do every day. Within a week, with the help of the exercises and two more Meridian Therapy sessions with Grandmaster Cheung, the pain was almost completely gone and the pins and needles was a lot less noticeable. I continued to do the exercises that I was given. Within three months, both the pain and the pins-and-needles were completely gone."

Alexandra Sanderson, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia:
"I came to see Grandmaster Cheung for low energy levels, occasional fainting and dizziness, varicose veins and cellulite. After five sessions with Grandmaster Cheung, I felt more energetic, my circulation has been much better as I haven't been feeling as cold, and my dizziness has disappeared, making me feel more motivated and energetic. My cellulite has had a vast improvement, so I will continue having sessions and also my varicose veins are gradually disappearing. I fully recommend Grandmaster Cheung's treatment and its effectiveness."

Gayle Doucette, LISW, Director, Women's and Children's Social Work University Hospitals of Cleveland, U.S.A.:
"Your program was excellent and valuable, your presentation style captivating and deliberate. Thank you again, for expanding our horizons."

Leanne Butterworth, Mt Martha, Victoria, Australia:
"I am a hairdresser of some years and have lived with a lot of stiffness and poor flexibility of the neck and shoulders. I also suffered an earlier whiplash injury. After one session with Grandmaster Cheung, the mobility of my neck and shoulders feels wonderful. Thank you!"

Rickey Perdue, Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A.:
"Grandmaster Cheung, your Stress Management and Meridian Therapy seminars have helped me deal with mental and physical stress of daily life. The meditation exercises have helped me control high blood pressure. Pressure point manipulation of the meridians has helped physical ailments such as shin splints. 
To all the people who have heard of your stress management programs and have stress and physical problems, I urge you to attend Grandmsater Cheung's seminars. Don't just take my word - come see for yourself. For you cannot truly appreciate what Grandmaster Cheung does until you let him show you how his program and knowledge can work for you in your everyday life. Grandmaster Cheung's Meridian and Stress Management therapy seminars are a benefit to all mankind."

Marcus Vale, age 25:
"I hurt my back stretching one morning ,,, I used the cream and it gave me relief and now I feel 100% better already."

Greg Gilmore of Noble Park, Australia, age 17:
"I had a trampoline accident in November 1989. I broke my right femur and when it was maimed my left leg became shorter. Throughout this time I visited numerous specialists including physiotherapists and chiropractors. The podiatrist built a special shoe for me, but the problem was still not solved and I was in constant pain unable to walk properly.

In August 1997 I was treated by Grandmaster William Cheung with Meridian Therapy. After one session I felt much better. Grandmaster Cheung also gave me a set of Meridian Stretching exercises which I have been doing every day. As a result of that I was able to walk properly and am now able to skateboard.  I feel that this treatment is the best!"

Kara McMenamy, Jacksonville, Florida, USA:
"I was hit by a car on June 13, 1996. I had been in pain and had not been able to walk or sleep, and had no feeling in my left foot. Before the accident I was very active. I danced almost every night and I worked out 3 times a week.

On June 27, 1996 Grandmaster Cheung treated me and my knee felt a lot better after the first session. I slept soundly for the first time since the accident.

On June 28, 1996 Grandmaster Cheung treated me again and I began to have feeling in my foot. Also my knee felt better than the day before. I was treated by Grandmaster Cheung again on June 29, 1996 and after the treatment I had no pain in my knee, my left foot has full feeling, and I can sleep soundly now."

Madeleine Brett, Tyabb, Victoria, Australia:
"I have had shin splints for approximately 11 months. After a treatment with Grandmaster Cheung, I noticed the difference immediately. The pain I felt when I walked has now disappeared!"

Rosa W. Garnett, Case Western Reserve University, USA:
"I have had back problems since late 1989 diagnosed by my physician as a slipped disk. Last year I had two automobile accidents; both rear end collisions. Since that time I have had pain every day. Some days more pain than others. On October 18, 1995, I was experiencing excruciating pain from sciatica on my left side all the way to my ankle. The sciatica was in the second week. I had a brief session (20-30 minutes) with Grandmaster Cheung on October 18. The pain subsided immediately. I have never experienced relief so quickly. I have been virtually pain free since that time. I am extremely grateful to have benefitted from Grandmaster Cheung's treatment."

Panayiotis Raptopoulos, Express Service, Thessaloniki, Greece:
"On behalf of the administration staff of our company as well as our 80 doctors who followed your seminar on November 20 1994, I would like to say thank you for your visit and stay in our city and mostly would like to thank you for your stress management seminar, which we believe helped a lot everyone who attended it.

The meditation technique you teach, as well as the meridian stretching, impressed everybody, and some of them are already using your teachings and feel very satisfied.

Thank you again for the opportunity to host you at Thessaloniki."

Salik Silverstein, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia:
"On the morning of March 10 I had a phone call from my agent in America about a job I didn't want to do and subsequently my neck went very stiff. By the end of that day I could hardly move. I had to use my whole body to turn around and I was in a lot of pain from the neck. One of my work colleagues suggested I see Grandmaster Cheung. I did that at 6.00pm and then Grandmaster applied a little bit of pressure on to my neck with some cream. I went home very disappointed because I was expecting to be thrown around the room and bent backwards, and he mentioned to me if I take a hot shower in the morning and apply the cream, I would be alright that next day. That's exactly what happened. I had the shower and went out to location and that was the last time I remember having a sore neck. I had complete movement and had to do a lot of bending down, looking into cameras. On the third day hile we were waiting for a cloud to go and the sun to come out, I got involved in a football game. Someone brought out a football and started kicking it, and I took a couple of very good marks. It was as if I never had a neck problem."

Rita Crouchen (aged 54) , Melbourne, Australia:
"I came to Grandmaster Cheung because I completed my chemotherapy treatment and one of the side effects of this treatment was that the soles of my feet were affected neurologically, so at the end of the treatment I couldn't feel certain parts of my feet. I was finding it difficult to walk fast, or sometimes even just step down because I didn't know I was stepping onto parts of my feet as I couldn't feel them. Grandmaster Cheung applied some cream to my feet. He told me it was going to improve, and indeed it did feel better. The real benefit was after I got up in the morning and rubbed the cream in again, went and had a shower, then rubbed the cream in again and midmorning I realized I could feel two new parts in my feet that I thought had died. A couple of days later as I used the cream everyday, I felt the middle parts of my feet. Today, less than a week since I have seen Grandmaster Cheung, I can walk on high heels and feel all my feet. Also Grandmaster gave me some meridian and meditation stretching exercises and I have been doing them three times a day, religiously. "

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