Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defence Workshop for Schools (Melbourne)

Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defence provide an introduction to valuable life skills that can help students grow into confident and responsible citizens.

Our workshop is structured for school childen and runs for one hour. The lesson includes self defence techniques from the Anti-Bully and Stranger Danger programs outlined below, a brief introduction to the benefits of Traditional Wing Chun and a talk about philosophy and the importance of discipline, and respect for oneself and others.

This program can be tailored to suit a school's individual requirements.  For bookings and further information, please telephone 03-9663 3588 after 11:00am or
email us.


We also offer schools an 'Anti-Bully' Program, focusing on the 'be nice' principle.  We teach children and teenagers to avoid conflict by treating others with respect and to (if confronted by a bully) control their anger and meet that conflict with calmness and without violence.

The program covers some very effective self-defence moves, with the emphasis that any form of violence must be used only defensively and always as a last resort. 

Our 'Stranger Danger' Program teaches children and teenagers how to avoid and deal with unwelcome attention and contact with strangers. This program is particularly popular with, and beneficial to, young women. In both programs, students learn how to develop the following skills:

*Focus    *Teamwork    *Control    *Balance    *Memory    *Discipline    *Fitness    *Coordination

These programs can be conducted in as little as two hours during school hours, after school or in the holidays, and can be tailored to meet the needs of each school.

For bookings and further information, please telephone 03-9663 3588 after 11:00am or email us.

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