Corporate Self Defence

  •   Increase staff motivation 
  •   Control stress
  •   Improve confidence and self esteem
  •   Increase productivity
Our Corporate Self Defence course is designed by Grandmaster William Cheung, world renowned Wing Chun Kung Fu expert and mentor to Bruce Lee.
This corporate day out can be customized to suit the requirements of your company.  It can start with a Self Defence seminar in our mirrored, fully air-conditioned training hall lined with interlocking jigsaw mats.  Alternatively, it can be conducted at your workplace. 
You can choose a seminar of one, two or three hours’ duration, which will cover some or all of the following:
  •  simple but effective methods to disable an attacker inside and outside the  home
  •  how to get away from an unprovoked physical attack
  •  how to deal with an armed attacker
  •  how to deal with multiple attackers
  •  simple drills to improve co-ordination and reflexes
  •  the most effective way to improve fitness and toning
  • Afterwards, enjoy a mouth-watering Chinese banquet lunch at the Chine On Paramount Restaurant.
    All equipment is provided and packages can be tailored to suit all group sizes and budgets.
What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?
Wing Chun is the only martial arts system in the world that was invented by a woman, a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui who lived in China 300 years ago.

Unlike most other martial arts which rely on brute force, speed and power, Wing Chun techniques are based on the law of physics in order to achieve optimal results by gaining advantage before the opponent is able to launch any lethal strike.  Therefore you don’t need to be big or strong to be able to practice Wing Chun, as you learn how to use the opponent’s force against him.

The legendary Bruce Lee practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu after he was introduced to it by the current Grandmaster and Principal of our Academy, Dr. William Cheung.
Wing Chun Kung Fu -
  •   Suitable for all ages – males and females
  •   Improves health, fitness and co-ordination
  •   Promotes confidence and self-esteem
  •   Relieves stress
  •   Teaches valuable self-defence skills
  •   Promotes mental alertness and memory function
  •   Improves strength and endurance
  •   Assists in weight loss and muscle gain

To book your group, or for all enquiries contact us on 03-9663 3588 after 11:00am Monday to Thursday, or email

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