Iso-Chi is an effective health and fitness program that combines the use of internal energy (chi) and isometric exercises. 

Iso-Chi is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  The classes start with gentle warm-up meridian stretching exercises, then the Iso-Chi exercises, and finish with meditation.

It is said that, "chi is the son of blood and blood is the mother of Chi. When Chi moves the blood moves and therefore heals." Improving your circulation is going to help your blood move oxygen and nutrients through out your body and more efficiently remove waste products from metabolism. This can go a long way to improving your health.

Since ancient times, the Chinese have recognized that our bodies are merely a part of the world as a whole and that makes us part of nature. Man is living under nature's influence, whether you know it or not. Each human body is a miniature replica of the universe itself, and so is subject to the same laws and rules as nature. There is a principle of constant flow or flux in nature, an it is in accord with this fundamental principle that our world is constantly changing. In Chinese philosophy this principle is know as the Yin and Yang theory. Our bodies are one with the universe and flow in harmony or discord with the forces of nature. All things are born from the Chi of Yin and Yang.

Moving Chi through meditation is more dependant on the mind, the breath and the polarity of the Meridian points themselves to promote the flow of Chi throughout the body. Chi Meditation is one of the oldest forms of meditation developed in ancient China.

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